The Military Airman’s Favorite Show

The Basic Fighter Maneuvers Set. 100% in the box. 10 minutes!


  • Formation Aerobatics
  • Towering Separations
  • Head-to-Head Passes
  • Athletic Pursuits
  • Impossible Rejoins
  • A Smoke Filled Airshow Box

Our show is assembled from 3-5 strings filled with the above elements. This show is high DA friendly and can be assembled to fit in oddball boxes.

Bottom Line: We fill your box with constant purpose and motion, we don’t leave the box, you and your fans are gonna love it.

Our show has the following crowd enjoyment enhancing attributes:

  • Surprise – the show is different, it has 2 airplanes. The head-to-head passes catch them off guard
  • Constant Action and Purpose – There is no reset or downtime
  • Grace – big beautiful overhead formation flying
  • Story Line – by the last string, the crowd has come to anticipate the final progression, but the maneuvers are never the same.